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How It Works

8 Steps to Background Checks

1. Start your account

To start your account, we will need you to fill out our get started form so we have your contact information. Once we have your information, we’ll provide you with our business profile form to fill out and return to us.

2. We’ll verify your business

Federal law requires us to confirm that you are a legitimate business. Once we have your business profile form, we will verify your business and create your profile, username, and password in our database.


3. Login to your account

We’ll send your login information to the email address you provided. Once you have logged in, spend some time exploring our database to familarize yourself with the interface. The four tabs at the top will allow you to change your profile information in the home tab, create orders on the order tab, view pending and completed reports in the reports tab, and generate reports in the utilities tab.

4. Get permission to run a check

Before you can run a background check, the subject of the screening will need to sign a waiver to allow you to have access to their records. Later, after you complete your order on our database, we will need you to upload the waiver form so we have a record of it.

5. Create your order

Under the orders tab, select one of the four fully customizable reporting options, choose the reports you would like to receive, fill in the candidate information, select the names and jurisdictions you want to search, and complete your order. After you have completed your order, you can upload the subject’s waiver form to the report.

6. The rest is up to us

Once we have all the applicant’s info and the waiver form, we’ll deliver a report as soon as possible. Some records, like SSN traces and driving records are available immediately; we will do our best to return all other reports within 1 to 3 business days, but turn around time will depend on the reporting agency that delivers the reports. Reference checks will be returned after we have finished contacting all references, and turn around time will vary based on response time.

7. You’ve got mail

When the report is complete, an automatic email with a secured link to your report will be sent to the email address you provided.

8. Following up on the report

If one of the records reveals information that may result in an adverse action, you can download the necessary consumer copy of the report, pre-adverse action letter, and adverse action letter directly from the report page under disclosures and forms.

Ready to start?

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Still have questions?

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